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      For information about what we do with personal data see our privacy notice.

      Uninsured Loss Recovery Services

      We are a leading specialist in uninsured loss recovery for businesses. If one of your vehicles or property is damaged in an accident that is the fault of someone else and your insurance cover does not cover the damage, we recover those losses on your behalf.

      See our uninsured loss recovery services below, and more about how we can help and the additional support our team of experts can provide.

      What is uninsured loss recovery?

      If property or vehicles owned by the local authority are damaged by someone else, you can usually recover some of the cost of repairs from your insurance provider. Anything that isn’t paid for under the terms of your insurance agreement is defined as an ‘uninsured loss’. ULR is the process of claiming back these costs following an accident that wasn’t your fault and where the negligent party or vehicle is identified.

      Typically, we work closely with many different types of organisations to recover their losses. See below:

      • Multi-national organisations;
      • Public bodies;
      • Insurance companies;
      • SMEs;
      • Fleet companies;
      • Any business within the retail, logistics, rental or construction sectors.

      We specialise so that we can focus on one thing and one thing only: getting back our clients’ money as quickly as possible and with minimum fuss. Our whole philosophy is built around that core appreciation of what is important to our clients and why we exist.

      Our team is committed to building long term relationships with our clients and as such we tailor our services to be delivered in line with the values of your organisation.

      How our uninsured loss recovery solicitors can help your business

      In terms of ULR, the level of risk you wish to insure against is balanced by the cost of taking out that insurance. Then, there is usually a balance reached at which point your business is prepared to take on some of the risk yourself.

      That usually means not taking out insurance to cover damage to your own property, or carrying a large excess for own vehicle damage.

      Anything that isn’t paid for by your own insurance provider under the terms of the insurance agreement you choose to take out, is defined as an ‘uninsured loss’. Uninsured loss recovery is the recovery of those costs where they are incurred as a result of a non-fault accident.

      Additional value-add services

      Market information and legal updates

      As you would expect from a provider of legal services, we keep ourselves up to date with all and any legal developments and market developments, both legal and general. We provide our clients with regular updates on those areas that might be of interest to them.

      We try to ensure that such updates are relevant to our clients and that means we provide updates on legal matters not always directly related to the work we do within Corclaim, for example, on employment law.

      If you have any particular queries we are happy that we will have the answer and will be able to advise you properly. Not all ULR service providers can do this for you but we see this is a fundamental part of being in partnership with our clients and again we offer this service at no extra cost.

      Data provisions & i-cor

      Our reports can be tailored as required, but as standard MI will be available in the following forms:

      • Monthly data reports: Distributed at the start of each month, these Ml reports will provide case by case information of all claims currently open, plus details of all claims settled or abandoned in the previous month. The report will further include a summary page providing an overview of the account position.
      • Trending results: This report will show the performance of the account across the range of KPIs on a monthly basis. The results are displayed on graphs over the current and previous two financial years to enable comparisons of the ‘trends’ as part of ongoing account management. This report is usually distributed on a quarterly basis but a live version can be accessed on line at any point.
      • Online access: Our case management system ‘i-cor’ has been purpose built for our uninsured loss recovery needs. It is an innovative system that allows us to manage service delivery and the provision of all necessary management information. It is an internet based system and so it is available from any web-enabled device.

      As a client you would have full access to i-cor, providing complete transparency to your claims information and management reports 24/7.

      Information for defendants

      We send out letters of claim from our clients to their customers during the recovery process. We understand many customers may have questions in this scenario, so please see our defendant information page for more guidance.

      Read our defendant information >>


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