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      For information about what we do with personal data see our privacy notice.

      Legal Costs

      Our unique profile within the loss recovery market is bolstered by our specialist team of legal costs solicitors.

      Outsourcing to our costs lawyers affords you time to focus on doing what you do best, whilst we maximise the recovery you achieve on each file. We are the cost drafting firm the leading legal professionals trust. No matter what area of law or how complicated the matter, our costs lawyers will have experience of dealing with your case.

      Our aim is to obtain the absolute maximum recovery for our clients as opposed to settling for anything less.

      Legal costs services

      Bill Drafting and Costs Negotiations

      When submitting a Bill of Costs to the paying party, you want to be certain that all costs you are rightly entitled to claim have been included. We aim to maximise costs recovery for our clients at all stages of the costs process, and also help with:

      • Bills of Costs for Detailed/ Provisional Assessment
      • Statements of Costs for interlocutory hearings or Trial
      • Statements of Costs for settlement meetings

      We can deal with all aspects of the costs negotiation process for our clients, keeping them informed throughout.

      Legal Costs Management and Costs Budgeting

      Our skilled costs lawyers have extensive experience in dealing with costs across a wide variety of legal sectors, and therefore understand the technicalities involved with costs management and budgeting, enabling them to put your best budget forward.

      We can support with:

      • Preparing the initial precedent H
      • Preparing and dealing with the precedent R
      • Updating budgets
      • Attendance at CCMCs to maximize the amount of costs you will receive

      We understand the tight deadlines involved during the Costs Budgeting process and pride ourselves in providing efficient turnaround times.

      Points of Dispute and Replies

      We understand that the documents placed before the Court are the starting point for achieving a positive outcome.

      Our specialist team always pay particular attention to detail and will prepare robust, non-generic replies to Points of Dispute; taking great care to advance all possible arguments to justify and defend the time spent.

      We understand that a well thought out set of Replies to Points of Dispute or challenges to a Bill of Costs go a long way to securing the best possible result.

      Costs advocacy

      We can provide representation for our clients, anywhere in the country at any of the following:

      • Costs Management Hearings
      • Application Hearings
      • Oral review hearings following a Provisional Assessment
      • Detailed Assessment Hearings

      Our various geographical locations facilitate our ability to provide a wide coverage area ensuring that wherever our clients are based, we can assist.

      Solicitor and client disputes

      Our costs lawyers are experienced in handling costs claims emanating out of litigation against the Solicitor or the Client under the Solicitors Act 1974.

      We will also undertake a thorough risk assessment to identify areas that may be susceptible to reduction and/ or deduction, thus helping secure the success of our clients on Detailed Assessment and reducing their exposure to having to meet the entire costs of the assessment process. We can also attend the assessment hearings on our client’s behalf.

      Legal Costs Practice Areas

      Commercial litigation

      With a keen eye for detail and a methodical approach, our team are proficient in handling commercial litigation costs claims from both a receiving party and paying party perspective, ranging in complexity and value from a simple breach of contract matter to high value claims.

      Clinical Negligence and Personal Injury Costs

      We readily work on high value clinical negligence and personal injury claims including cases involving:

      • birthing injuries;
      • misdiagnosis;
      • cerebral palsy;
      • spinal injuries;
      • surgical errors;
      • birthing defects;
      • dental negligence;
      • cosmetic surgery claims.

      Court of Protection Costs

      We understand that the assessment of costs in these matters, in most circumstances, is dealt with on the papers alone. Therefore we take great care to ensure that the Bill of Costs is drafted to guarantee that the Court has a fully comprehensive view of the work involved, in dealing with the management of affairs of the patient and dealing with their families, care providers and all other associated parties.

      Our team are also knowledgeable in dealing with both contested and non-contested Court of Protection costs claims.

      International litigation costs

      We are regularly instructed by international clients to deal with costs emanating out of litigation or family matters under the jurisdiction of the UK courts. We have clients globally, in places such as the British Virgin Islands and Malaysia. We have a proven track record in helping them achieve the best possible outcome in their costs matters.

      Judicial Review

      Contesting a decision made by public bodies can be complex with matters being of great importance to your clients.

      We are experienced in handling costs matters involving Judicial Review in a wide variety of matters including immigration cases, and those involving disputes over decisions made by local planning authorities.

      Family law costs

      Our experts have advised law firms across the country, and are well practiced in drafting Bills of Costs and defending claims for costs in privately funded family matters. Our work involved in handling Family law cases means that we are proficient in ensuring the best possible costs recovery for our clients.

      Professional negligence

      Our costs team are highly experienced in the intricacies involved in dealing with costs in claims brought against professionals, whether it be costs arising from the negligence of:

      • Solicitors;
      • Barristers;
      • Surveyors;
      • Accountants;
      • Financial Advisors, or;
      • Construction companies.

      We can help you to maximise your costs recovery during all stages of the costs litigation process.

      Access our free helpline today

      The Costs technical helpline is available exclusively to clients.

      Our dedicated costs experts are on hand to answer any costs related queries you might have and in addition to the usual queries encountered during the costs process, frequently advise upon things such as:

      • construction of Retainers/ Letters of Engagement
      • construction of Conditional Fee Agreements
      • time recording best practice
      • drafting of costs provisions in final Orders

      This service is an easy and convenient mechanism to obtain instant specialist guidance on the correct course of action to take to maximise your costs. For further information about our advice helpline please request a call back or call us on 03300 945 100.


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