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      For information about what we do with personal data see our privacy notice.

      Motor Uninsured Loss Recovery

      If one of your vehicles is involved in an accident that’s not the fault of you or your employee, and your insurance cover doesn’t cover that damage, you need to recover the costs incurred.

      That’s where we can help.

      Being specialists, we take a no-nonsense approach because we’re in business to represent you, and do so by pro-actively pursuing your losses to the fullest extent. We can then minimise the impact on your cash flow and recover your funds quickly and efficiently.

      Recovery of uninsured losses

      We will work to recover all losses resulting from each incident, including:

      • Repairs;
      • Total loss;
      • Policy excess;
      • Loss of use or loss of revenue;
      • Recovery & storage;
      • Telephone / postage / inconvenience;
      • Hire;
      • Interest.

      There may be other losses that arise from a particular incident and we can help recover those on your behalf.

      Motor ULR for Fleet Operators

      We have proven expertise in assisting Fleet Operators in the administration of post collision tasks, recoveries and financial management.

      Our ethos is to help you do your day job, so where you desire it we will seek information and documentation direct from source.

      We will:

      • Automate notifications from your existing First Notification of Loss provider so you don’t have to report new cases to us;
      • Assess every individual incident that your vehicles are involved in for recovery prospects. Our experience tells us we can often spot recovery opportunities others may not;
      • Automate reports and alerts to you direct from our Case Management System as little or as much as you require, ensuring you have the appropriate level of information;
      • Liaise directly with your drivers for post incident investigations if you would like us to;
      • Source quantum documentation from your current providers whether that be insurer, accident management company or individual divisions or depots;
      • Provide a whole range of MI reports, standardised or tailored to suit your individual requirements;
      • Integrate your MI and current processes to offer bespoke solutions, ensuring all opportunities to maximise your financial outcomes are realised;
      • Work alongside your insurance providers to ensure best outcomes on liability disputes.
      We have partnered with Corclaim for the past 11 years. We did take a small, ‘sabbatical’ in the middle, which proved to us that other providers are just not as efficient or financially beneficial as Corclaim in handling our ULR. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone with a vehicle fleet, large or small."
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        For information about what we do with personal data see our privacy notice.


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