Know when to bring in experts for support

Know when to bring in the experts for support!

Dealing with late or non-paying customers can quickly become a significant problem for most businesses if sufficient resource is not made available to manage it efficiently. For many businesses it can be difficult to know when to call in the experts but specialist advice can help prevent issues going from bad to worse.

Early intervention can help to recover debts more quickly, as older debts are generally more difficult to collect. It can also help to prevent the situation from spiralling into a more costly and time consuming legal dispute. So think afresh about using specialist debt recovery services. You may have thought services were unaffordable; in fact most specialist firms operate on a fixed-fee basis for legal enforcement, in line with the costs that the courts allow them to recover.

When choosing a debt recovery specialist, make sure they have the breadth of capabilities to see the matter through to its conclusion. Some debt recovery agencies are unable to issue county court proceedings, or deal with contentious issues, and this can lead to unnecessary delays and costs. By using a firm of solicitors, you have the experience on hand to deal with any issue which may crop up and your reputation is protected.

You need the cost certainty of a cost-conscious, transparent debt recovery service. There are no hidden costs or surprises when dealing with us. We offer a full pre-legal collection service, with pricing agreed from the outset. As skilled negotiators, we will try to recover your money without recourse to enforcement actions. But where needed, we can handle disputed or defended claims, plus any complex, high value or niche matters – all with fees agreed with you, and fixed fee quotes given wherever possible.

For further information about our debt recovery legal services please complete the request a call back form. Alternatively, you can call us on 03300 945 100 or speak to one of our partners directly.